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🚀 Exciting News!

Harmony Senior Housing is thrilled to announce the launch of our October 2023 initiatives!

Events Update

4-20-2024 – Pete Gustis, the founder, also supports the efforts of Harmony Senior Housing by giving a portion of is commercial sales commission. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell a business, commercial property, investment or apartment and you want to support affordable senior housing to go www.PhillyMetroCRE.com

4-19-2024 – Pete Gustis the primary founder has always supported the needs of Harmony Senior Housing and donates a portion of all commission from sales to sell your home go and support affordable senior housing go to www.MillionaireMansionsForSale.com

4-18-2024 – having a meeting at Albright for the Realtors Commercial and Industrial Council meeting. Affordable housing is always a topic of discussion and the need for new construction in Berks County.

4-16-2024 – We had donation page on Givelify – if you use that portal here is the link when your ready to donate! Harmony Senior Housing Givelify link https://giv.li/ngo426

4-16-2024 – We had donation page on Payals Charity Platform – if you use that portal here is the link when your ready to donate! Harmony Senior Housing paypal link https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/4934740

4-15-2024 – Applied and Got approved for a Microsoft ai powered Asure $2,000 grant. Some of the resources and credit can help further the cause of providing senior housing in Reading Pa.

4-12-2024- had a great meeting with Amy in Bob Casey office. Bob Casey is in support for the need to help with affordable housing in Reading but they say the programs they can help with would be for 2025. They will support efforts when applying for other grants from other departments.

4-4-2-04 – had a great meeting with Alvernia who can support us with interns who would be interested in furthering the cause of Harmony Senior Housing and our non-profit.

4-2-2024 – We have updated websites and are looking to update a new section soon with supporters. Even if it’s not financial at the time, endorsements from local politicians who understand the need for affordable senior housing in Reading Pennsylvania will go far when applying for Grants. Their support shows decision makers that it’s not just a goal we have but that it’s a true need for the community! We will update that by end of 2nd quarter 2024.

3-30-2024 – At a trial basis, we have hired a marketing expert to help bring more awareness to our campaigns, and to help increase success of efforts to help Harmony Senior Housing become cash flow positive. Harmony Senior Housing does profit from the book sales, course sales and ticket sales from its founder, and partners. 2024 should show an increase in those areas. We hope that this trial basis becomes a permanent addition to the team. Lets see how it works out!

3-18-2024 – We have identified and applied for several more grants. Our team is working on the goals we need to make this a successful project. We are looking for Start-up grants, Grants for blight, Work force Training Grants, and Grants for Affordable Senior Housing. Please reach out if you of any grant opportunities or donor looking to support a project like ours in Reading Pennsylvania. One that will transform the lives of seniors in a minority community.

3-3-2024 – Harmony Senior Housing has purchased a subscription for grant resource tools to help find more grants and donor opportunities for the cause. We are always looking for more donor and grant opportunities. If you know any of them please reach out to us.

2-28-2024 – the Founder Peter B Gustis has completed all the education requirements for his Pennsylvania Real Estate Brokers License. It’s not needed for the project but he is always increasing his level of education. That’s the best way to succeed in life. Our community will allow space for seniors to learn and develop skills.

2-15-2024 – Harmony Senior Housing has added a new team member - Migdalia Nieves de Melendez – Property Manager – Migdalia is a Property Manager with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. Migdalia is born in Puerto Rico and has been a long-time Reading resident who manages properties for serval different property owners and investors as well as her own properties. Migdalia is happy to bring her experience and personality to help the seniors at Harmony Senior Housing. Welcome to The Team Migdalia Nieves de Melendez!

2-1-2024 – Met with a fund raiser online and should be scheduling more time to work on fund raising ideas to bring Harmony Senior Housings goals in a forward direction.

1-27-2024 - We are working on start-up grant applications. Also 2024 should bring more incentives to help with projects like this.

1-9-2024 – Had a great meeting with Tina Smith at Nareth Chamber of Commerce. Success isn’t just about helping yourself and your organization. Its about spreading the word so others can also succeed in their mission and learn more about what you do.

1-6-2024American Justice Foundation – A Great Event we are supporting. We hope that we can bring a small part of our new Senior Center to include an office where seniors can meet to talk to someone if they have legal needs. Many seniors can’t afford attorneys when legal matters arise because of the cost and many seniors are on fixed incomes. https://amjustfound.com/

1-1-2024 – Happy New Year! We expect that 2024 will bring good news, for affordable senior housing at Harmony Senior Housing! 12-2023 – It was a good month to strategize with Imagine Berks www.Imagineberks.org on the next steps to achieve our goals. It was also great to get letters of support from House Representatives Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz and Manny Guzman both that also see the need for affordable senior housing.

12-23-2023 – Harmony Senior Housing is looking for interns and other team members to help with any part of the project to bring this to success. Contact us if you have any helpful skills for marketing, advertising, web development, architect, legal, or anything that would help a charitable organization / seniors through the process of developing the charity, marketing, architecture, and construction.

12-21-2023 – Harmony Senior Housing has added a new team member Brian McCue- Brian has 20 years’ experience providing supports to those experiencing mental health, intellectual disabilities, and drug and alcohol challenges across the life-span. He has a master’s degree in clinical counseling and is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania as a professional counselor. He has certifications in drug and alcohol and trauma treatment. He has experience across all levels of care with direct support, supervision, marketing, human resources, program implementation, and various executive roles. He has experience opening and operating his own organizations. He has managed organizations where he was responsible for the majority of the operations of 50 program homes. More recently he has been working as an Adjunct Professor and consultant. He operates as a therapist supervisor in a private practice and is working on publishing his own treatment manuals. Finally, he operates as an owner of his own real estate venture.


Welcome to Team Harmony Senior Housing

12- 2023 – Thank you Lehigh Vally Business for the print article about our charity and work! More info about Harmony Senior Housing at https://lvb.com/digital-editions/ in their December 2023 edition

12-23-2023 – PR- Founder Peter Gustis is always looking for ways to support the charity and achieve the goals we set. If you’re looking for personal development and sales training. Check out www.CertifiedMillionaireMaker.com and www.TurningPointNearMe.com Certified Millionaire Maker’s website will sell tickets to Events with Marshall Sylver the worlds leading hypnotist and 100% of your entry to the event is a donation to Harmony Senior Housing! You don’t just get to attend a great event you support a great cause!

12-10-2023 – PR - Harmony Senior Housing is sponsored by the support of the founder Peter B Gustis when every you buy a hard cover copy his book. “How To Sell Real Estate” on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/How-Sell-Real-Estate-Interested/dp/B0BF66M3F7/ref=sr_1_4?crid=VSD9KDQLDEDN&keywords=how+to+sell+real+estate&qi d=1703432020&sprefix=how+to+sell+r%2Caps%2C137&sr=8-4 or on his Website www.HowToSellRealEstateBook.com you support Harmony Senior Housing and also Operation Underground Rail Road more about OUR at https://ourrescue.org/

12-05-2023 – Harmony Senior Housing has added a new team member Barbra Gustis, she is the founders brother and Barbra is a Director of Advisory Services with the Urban Land Institute (ULI), managing the panel programs with logistics and operations. Through the ULI Advisory Services Program panels, ULI members integrate into communities dealing with a wide array of real estate and land use challenges to provide unbiased, expert advice and specific recommendations for improvement. Members link together with local leaders to draft a plan to revive, rethink, and restore communities around the globe to ultimately enact change and improve the lives of the people who live there.

Barbra launched her career training with Walt Disney World and Hyatt Hotels, then moved onto various roles in event and convention planning, exhibition sales, educational programming, and business development with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and Destinations International. With over 25 years of experience in the business of meetings industry, she brings her logistician and leadership skills to each program and event executed. Barbra is credentialed as a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), and holds undergrad and graduate degrees from East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, PA. 

Barbra Gustis

Welcome to Team Harmony Senior Housing

11-20-2023 – Our First Press Releases can now be found online if you search for Harmony Senior Housing you should find update and news.

11-2023- Dr Millie Johnson is in process of identifying numerous grants to help us start the process of fast forwarding the project.

11-2023 – We have approval for our First Grant from Google - $10,000 Google Ad Grant! Great Team Work to Get This First Grant Won!

10-2023 – We Launched Our New Website… you’re here thank you for watching and donate if you can! Support if you know how we can do better, and join our team!

10-2023 – The Small Business Resource Center Online, Inc has registered and approved its (dba) Doing Business as Harmony Senior Housing with a new goal and mission.

10-2023Peter Gustis founder has come up with a new name that fit and fulfills the purpose of his new mission at 500 N 3 rd St. Reading pa- Harmony Senior Housing! He also has acquired the url www.HarmonySeniorHousing.org and www.HarmonySeniorHousing.com

10- 2023 – The Small Business Resource Center Online, LLC has reformed to Small Business Resource Center, Inc

9 – 2023 – Small Business Resource Center website has been updated to reflect the current mission. We were working on live and work as a non-profit but have decided at this time affordable senior housing is more important. There is still lots of time on this earth to accomplish both but for the seniors affordable housing is needed now at 500 N 3 rd St Reading – www.SmallBusinessResourceCenter.com

7-2023 - The Small Business Resource Center Online, LLC changed their status with the IRS to be a registered 501c3. The IRS approved our 509(a)2 status. Meaning we all under the guidelines of a 501c3 Charity with the exception of we are allowed to generate income up to certain percentages. The founders wish has always been that a charity shouldn’t just ask people for money even through they help senior in need but they should find solution to help more people and while asking for less “Charity” Yes as a new nonprofit we need all the help we can get so please visit our donation pages and know your tax deductible donation does help seniors in need!

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